soprano sundays

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soprano sundays

my first blog post. whoa!

hello, world!

it’s sunday night and i can’t sleep because i’m so excited/good nervous about what’s to come. soprano sundays was an idea given to me by a friend and here i am running with it. starting in february, i will be releasing a series of songs every sunday on youtube. no frills, no fancy hair/makeup, no gowns… just me, my voice, and piano. i will be accompanied by my friend, Dorothy Yu, who is a gangster on the keys.

being a classical singer, i often get asked, “oh, where can i hear your stuff?” the reality is, everything i do is live and i usually don’t have recordings of it. i’m excited to have a place where i can send people to listen. i’ve filmed/recorded all of my feb songs and i’m happy to say they’re mostly the first takes we are using.

i have to admit, i think i’ve waited too long to record or put anything out there because like most artists, i am a perfectionist and i do think, oh the next take could be better, or oh this will sound better next year. i guess this will force me to get over that. this is who i am right now, today, this take, and i’m fine with that.

one of my goals since finishing my degree and becoming a full time artist is to spread the love of classical music. i want to introduce this genre to more people, especially youth. i love my art form so much and i feel since it’s a very niche market, we as classical singers have to do our best to share this art form with the world. you never know who might fall in love with it. i remember being a guest speaker at a high school last year and was asked to give a talk on what i do. i opened with panis angelicus since i’m more comfortable singing than speaking on stage. before i went on stage, i was terrified of what they might think… after singing just two notes they were screaming and applauding like crazy. i was shocked. they were shocked. it was a great experience. you never know who might be interested in classical music. so far, those youth have been my best, most responsive audience.

my dream would be to get #sopranosundays trending on social media. if you like what comes out, please like, share, retweet. the support would mean the world to me. i would also love for other sopranos to share their talent. it’s time we start championing each other in this competitive music world.

stay tuned. the journey begins sunday feb 2nd.

peace and love,

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